More than 2,000 years ago, a wealthy merchant named Xanthus
He had a slave named Aesop. A slave not very good-looking, ugly, but of wisdom unique in the world. Once, to test the qualities of his slave and to celebrate his wife’s return home, Xanthus wanted to give a welcome banquet with the best philosophers of the day. He ordered Aesop to go to the market and bring out the best ingredients to celebrate the event. A short time later, Aesop returned from the market and placed on the table a plate covered with a fine linen cloth. The merchant picked up the cloth and was surprised: “Ah! Nothing like a good language than the shepherds
Greeks know how to prepare very well. But why did you exactly choose the language as the best food in the world?

The slave, looking down, explained his preference: “What is better than the language, sir?” The tongue unites us all, when we speak. Without the tongue we could not understand each other. Language is the key, the organ of truth and reason. Thanks to the language cities are built, thanks to the language we can
Express our love. The tongue is the organ of affection, of tenderness, of love, of compression. It is the language that becomes the poetry verses, the ideas of the great writers. The language is taught, persuaded, instructed, prayed, explained, sung, described, praised, demonstrated,
it states. With the tongue we say “yes”, with the tongue we say “I love you!” Can there be anything better than the language, sir?
The merchant rose enthusiastically: “Very well. Aesop! You really brought me the best there is. Now take this other sack of coins.
Go back to the market and bring what is worse, because I want to see your wisdom.

After some time, the slave Aesop returned from the market bringing a dish covered by a cloth. The merchant greeted him with a smile: “Hmmm … .. … .. Ya, I know what’s best. Let’s see now what’s worse … The merchant discovered the dish and was indignant: “What? Language? Language again? Language? Did not you say the tongue was the best there was? Do you want to be whipped? Aesop looked under his gaze and replied, “The tongue, sir, is the worst thing in the world. It is the source of all intrigues, the beginning of all processes, the mother of all discussions. It is the language that separates humanity, which divides peoples. It is the language that bad politicians use when they want to deceive with their false promises. It is the language that rogues use when they want to cheat. Language is the organ of lies, discord, misunderstandings, wars, exploitation. It is the language that lies, that which hides, that deceives, that exploits, that blasphemes, that insults, that cows, that begs, that provokes, that destroys, that slanders, that sells, that seduces, that corrupts. With the tongue we say “dies” and “rogue” and “demon”. With the tongue we say “no”. With the tongue we say “I hate you!” There it is, sir, because the tongue is the best and the worst of all!